Hello! I am 36 year old Gamer from England. I have played WoW since Beta and Counter-Strike since Beta 1.2

Some may say that I'm an Elitist - I'm not, I just play the game right.

World of Warcraft

I have been in various wow guilds in the past, ranging from the top end to some of the less competitive. I used to run a PVP Preset in Vanilla, but struggled to get Rank 14 due to raiding Naxx 40, apparently you can't get the best of both worlds - least not when china shits are boosting BG 24/7!

My current main is no longer Ionstorm, it's Solarstorm my Balance Druid (Thanks to Blizz), with Khaôs as my 2nd Main (Shadow/Disc Priest).


I played Counter-Strike since the days of old, anyone remember DoD? Well anyway it wasn't really playable that well beta 1 - 1.3 online, but it was still alright on a LAN. In my younger years I attended multi LANs and won all CS Tournaments. It wasn't half as competitive as it is now. I didn't play much in Retail (gun names were derp) and Source was ebola. I returned with GO!


World of Warcraft

'Crack' for MMO Gamers

It's one of those games you love to hate, It's a complete life sink and makes you possibly one of the most anti-social people known to mankind.

No matter how much you bitch and whine at it, there's always something new coming out (unlike D3), although I think it's days are limited.

If you're looking for my Tactics Blog, it's gone, removed. If you're looking for my WeakAuras - Click Here. They are not kept up to date though!


Global Offensive

A Love / Hate FPS

A dated but fantastic game, still running 64 tick (1 update per fps) which is odd since vsync is 60fps! The hit detection is ebola, and it's plagued with moronic downy Russians who want to vote you off because they died.

I only play competitive on both my accounts, and it's most of the time fun, helps to waken you up a little after going soft in MMO's.


So you've got a tank? Big Whoop, wanna fight about it?

I don't Gift, I don't Trade, I don't Coach, I don't want to watch your Stream or Boost

Although I may randomly gift stuff away on My Steam Group, so join it and stay tuned!

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